I was hired by a local restaurant in Astoria, Queens to renovate the interior and exterior, 

to help make it a more inviting spot for guests to hang out, eat and drink. 

The work was put on hold due to COVID-19, but has resumed in early July of this year. 

These are the only photographs I have right now, once the job is complete I'll do a proper photoshoot.

I want to give the restaurant a fun and inviting feel, like the no frills, cheap and delicious place that it is. 

I came up with the color palette from some 90's signage, and given there are a lot of young people living in that neighborhood I wanted to go for a somewhat 90's look, while having my loose and free style present. 

Below is some of the process work and final PSD and Illustrator files

After a lot of sketching and some studying of old signage, restaurant looks, and some current artists approach to this,

I began working on the final images, starting with the menu signs. 

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